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Small plates and starters


The easiest and simplest way to use dry cured meats and one of the best: assemble a platter of thinly sliced cured meats, using a single style or an assortment.  Serve with plain grissini (Italian breadsticks) or good baguette alongside a plate of fruit, cheese, sweet butter, grilled vegetables, or a combination.  Some particularly delicious pairings include:  Prosciutto with figs or fresh melon, Speck with pineapple, Coppa Americana with olives and Manchego, Coppa Piccante with grilled eggplant.


We have some simple and delicious recipe suggestions. La Quercia cured meats make an excellent hors d’oeuvres or snack and can anchor a simple dinner – with soup in the winter, salad in the summer, a delicious way to eat less meat and enjoy it more.





Our favorite sandwich in the world is a brioche or challah roll with sweet butter and La Quercia Prosciutto or Speck.  Our daughter prefers La Quercia Organic Prosciutto with Ascutney Mountain cheese from Cobb Hill Farm (VT) and sweet butter.  Use our Prosciutto or Speck for a grilled ham and cheese, or try our Coppa with fresh goat cheese and a little fig jam on crusty bread.


Think of PLTs (pancetta, lettuce, tomato sandwiches) with roasted tomatoes in the winter and fresh ripe ones in the summer. Another favorite is caramelized onions on toasted baguette spread with blue cheese, topped with La Quercia Speck or Tamworth Smoked Pancetta and a sprig of parsley.



Pasta, Pizza, Soup, and Grilling


La Quercia meats are perfect for cooking -- small amounts have a big impact, dressing up even simple dishes.  We love adding Prosciutto Piccante to homemade pizza with fresh goat cheese, oil-cured olives, and arugula.  Or crisp some Pancetta, Prosciutto, or Speck in a pan over medium heat, then sprinkle it on a soup or salad.


Tamworth Smoked Pancetta and La Quercia Pancetta Americana are delicious wrapped around a few stems of asparagus or green onions, then grilled, roasted, or simply seared in a pan.  Our Prosciutto and Speck impart subtle but serious flavor when wrapped around fish or chicken before grilling (don’t forget to brush with butter first).


La Quercia meats are wonderful for pasta. Here’s a simple recipe for pasta with prosciutto, another with pancetta, and the classic pasta all’amatriciana with our guanciale. Guanciale imbues sauces with a uniquely melting and succulent quality. If you layer prosciutto in a lasagna dish, the sauce and pasta become infused with the rich savory flavor of the cured meat and it remains delicately tender.


When making bean and lentil soups, we often use pieces of Prosciutto or Speck, or our Crumble, instead of pancetta or bacon. Bruce Aidells, author of The Complete Book of Pork and The Complete Meat Cookbook, likes to use our Coppa Americana instead of bacon or pancetta in an Italian-style mirepoix called soffritto for a richer flavor.



La Quercia Cured Meats are simple, wholesome, and delicious. They are versatile and easy to use.  We’d love to hear what you’re doing with La Quercia Cured Meats!

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