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Now you can have the best of both worlds! This new Varietal combines the deep meaty flavor and silky texture of our Berkshire Prosciutto with the clean sweetness of Prosciutto Americano. Our Berkshire Cross hogs are humanely raised on family farms in the Missouri Ozarks without the use of sub-therapeutic antibiotics. They are at least 50% Heritage Breed Berkshire crossed with Duroc/Large White.

Traditionally, pigs were cultivated for specific qualities — some for meat, others for lard, still others for their hardiness. While heritage breeds and farming techniques have mostly been replaced by industrial agriculture, we believe heritage pork offers extraordinary eating. Breeding influences muscle structure, muscle fiber, water holding capacity, fat quality, and internal meat characteristics — all of which influence the quality and flavor of the cured pork.



Cuts: Berkshire Varietal