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Our Green Label Prosciutto is the first—and thus far only—organic prosciutto available in the United States.  This is not its only charm: the meat is extraordinary.  Chris Bianco, the James Beard Award winning owner of Pizzeria Bianco, called it “the prosciutto of happiness.”  The meat is rich and nutty, with an astonishing depth of flavor and a malty umami finish.  Jude Becker of Becker Lane Organic Farm raises all of the pigs on his sixth-generation family farm in Northeastern Iowa.  He uses a cross between two heritage breeds—Berkshire and Chester White—which provides both silkiness and sweetness, a perfect combination for prosciutto.


"From ordinary mass-produced prosciutto to La Quercia is a leap in complexity and subtlety, you feel like doors have been opened and your prosciutto palate has been expanded in all directions. From La Quercia’s standard product to the organic green label is another such leap, introducing a cheesy funkiness that’s rich and profound." -- Michael Gebert



Cuts: Green Label Organic Varietal