Our Family

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Herb and Kathy Eckhouse founded La Quercia and work in all aspects of the business: selecting and buying pork, salting, trimming, and handling hams and leading the small group of dedicated staff who participate in our production. We work the full shift for first and second salting; we developed our own spice blends for our pancetta, lonza, bacon, guanciale, coppa, lardo, and prosciutto piccante; and whenever we can, we leave our desks to get our hands into the meat of the matter.


Kathy worked as a ranch hand and then as a researcher in Agricultural Economics at the University of California at Berkeley before she made home-making and mothering her primary occupation. A long time foodie (Berkeley born and raised) who lived in Europe for several years as a child and adolescent, Kathy is the person all of her friends describe as the best cook they know. She adds intuition and a fine food sense developed through years of making bread and pasta, inventing recipes, and reading cookbooks.

"I feel good about what we do, because we use pork from animals that have had a good life. Prosciutto is a great thing for a well-raised pig to become."

For Herb, this is his fifth career. He spent over thirty years in agriculture, from raising seed potatoes to working cattle to developing and marketing commodity crop and vegetable seeds. Before he and Kathy designed and built their prosciuttificio, he spent 5 years researching, experimenting, learning and making prosciutto at home.

"When I started looking into it, I kept on finding positive signs. Prosciutto is healthy and nutritious and adds quality and craft to a busy life; it's a clean process and it offers varied and healthful work for the artisans involved. I love making prosciutto; it's like assisting at a miracle."

Daughter Laurel is pursuing a PhD in Political Science at UC Berkeley after her years with Teach for America and as an Outward Bound trip leader. Daughter Sara works is Chief of Staff for the AMS at the USDA, having graduated from Harvard magna cum laude in biological anthropology. Son Aaron is a 2012 graduate of Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania and after a stint as a field organizer in the 2012 presidential campaign and some policy internships in DC is off on an extended exploration of the culture, natural beauty and cuisine of South America. All three children have pitched in over the years: supporting La Quercia at The Fancy Food Show, handing out prosciutto samples in 45° weather, mopping floors, and, of course, offering plentiful opinions!





Our team celebrating Ham Independence in 2014.

We have a great team of dedicated people–Sebastian, Gladis, Johnny, Maria, Rosa, Chapo, Susy, Armando, new Maria, Edibel, Jose Miguel, Edgar, Sonia,  Marcial, Fatima, Big Carlos, Emilio, Elvia, Elvin, Ismael, William, Alejandro, Edwin, Cartagena, Dany, Luis, Santos, Josue, Ottoniel, Luis, Carlos, Manuel, Scott --who learned the intricate work of making delicious prosciutto with us. No detail is too small to be examined and all practices are subject to review and re-evaluation. Everyone participates in making things better. We always appreciate feedback--we learn from what you like or don't like, so please let us know. 


None of this work could happen without the consistently excellent work of our cleanup crew--Carlos C, Bazuka, Manuel, and Jose.  They take over once the meat is put away and get everything clean and ready for inspection so that we can start again the next day.


Sebastian is now responsible for organizing the plant crew.  That means getting people in the right place with the right tools to get their work done in time.  With the different cuts of meats and their different cycles, there's always activity on the fresh side, the cured side, final trimming and slicing. It sometimes feels like a 5 ring circus with all the rings going at the same time. Sebastian loves working with meat, so he takes on this task with infectious enthusiasm and dedication to creating delicious food.