Good Food Awards Winner 2017
2017: Prosciutto Piccante
Good Food Awards Winner 2016
2016: Speck Americano
Good Food Awards Winner 2013
2013: Borsellino Salami
Good Food Awards Winner 2012
2012: Smoked Pancetta
Good Food Awards Winner 2011
2011: Green Label Prosciutto
The Bon Appetit Seal of Approval 2013: The 25 Products We Can't Cook (or Live) Without
2013: Prosciutto Americano



NEW YORK TIMES 2013: Their Field of Salt Cured Dreams
NY Magazine/Grub Street 2013: Prosciutto Americano.
2013: Prosciutto Americano
Bon Appetite Dec 2013 — Bon Appetite Seal of Approval 2013
Seal of Approval 2013
Culture Mag, Winter 2013 — Gift Guide
Culture Mag, Winter 2013
Men's Health — Which lunch meats are the healthiest?
Men's Health
Art of Eating - Iowa, Pigs, Corn & Culture
Iowa, Pigs, Corn & Culture
Food and Wine — Editor's picks, Salumi Specialties
Editor's picks
Bon Appetite 2011: Iowa White Spread
Bon Appétit: Iowa White Spread
Food and Wine — Gourmet Essentials, Celebrated Living
Celebrated Living
Des Moines Register: The prosciutto of happiness - La Quercia owners, the Eckhouses, are driven by a delicious desire!
The prosciutto of happiness!
Ari weinzweig on La Quercia bacon in the Atlantic!
Best new bacon of 2011
A field report about La Quercia by Christine Muhlke in the New York Times Sunday Magazine.
Christine Muhlke's Feature
Jeff Ruby in the September issue of Chicago Magazine did this piece on La Quercia.
La Quercia best words on menu
Mark Bittman wrote about La Quercia for his blog, Bitten.
"A joy to taste"
Christopher Hall came to see La Quercia and wrote this feature piece over a year before it appeared in Saveur.
How we got started
Cook's Illustrated bought some of our prosciutto from our website and did this comparison with Prosciutto di Parma and Prosciutto di San Daniele.  La Quercia Prosciutto Americano was the 'hands-down winner' and the ONLY Highly Recommended prosciutto.
'Hands down winner"
Traditional Home — Prosciutto Aplenty!
Prosciutto Aplenty!
A piece by Amy Scattergood of the LA Times about La Quercia.
Amy Scattergood July 4 Feature
New York Times 2009: Harold McGee.
NYT 2009: Harold McGee
An article by Nicholas Day in The Chicago Tribune starts with the story of how we met multi-James Beard Award winning chef Paul Kahan, and his comment that ours is 'the best prosciutto you can get in America, hands down.' Paul does a great job with it and really everything else at his Chicago restaurants Blackbird, Avec, and The Publican.
Food Critic and Iron Chef judge, Jeffrey Steingarten wrote about us in the inaugural issue of Men's VOGUE. He wrote that ours was 'the best domestically produced or imported prosciutto I have tasted.'
Jeffrey Steingarten
An article by Florence Fabricant in the New York Times.
Coppa Piccante
Sonoma Valley Sun
Food Critic and Iron Chef judge, Jeffrey Steingarten wrote about La Quercia in this 2006 holiday piece for VOGUE.
Jeffrey Steingarten
Our bacon was written up in the New York Times.
The transcript of an interview that ran on WNYC, the public radio station in New York City about La Quercia. Also available as a podcast on iTunes.
In his new book with Mark Ladner, Molto Gusto, Mario Batali writes about La Quercia Rossa and our Prosciutto Green Label, which he calls 'fragrant and more pork roasty than either of the Italian versions,' meaning Prosciutto di Parma and Prosciutto di San Daniele.
Mario loves La Quercia
Feast: Rare Breed
Feast: Rare Breed
Here's a story by Tom Perry of the Des Moines Register about the introduction of our Acorn Edition I in Des Moines, Iowa.
Erling Wu-Bower of The Publican Restaurant ( in Chicago wrote about La Quercia in Bon Appetit
Read in the Washington Post about what Herb and other bacon makers did at Zingerman's Camp Bacon. Jane Black wrote that our pancetta and prosciutto stand up to the best from Italy.
Orange County Register: What will make an Italian chef cry? According to Cathy Pavlos, chef owner of Lucca in Irvine, CA, it was tasting American salumi, like La Quercia Prosciutto and Speck.
Made 2 Italian chefs cry
Francine Mourakian included La Quercia as one of the three elements in her story in Esquire, with some great pictures from Ben Goldstein of Studio D, almost all of them of La Quercia Meats.
great pictures
Oprah published her
Sam Sifton, reviewing  shouted La Quercia out as a standout in his New York Times review of Danny Meyer's restaurant, Maialino.
At Danny Meyer's Maialino
A recipe and a nice mention (thanks to Chris Bianco) on Martha Stewart, including a recipe for greens wrapped in prosciutto--La Quercia Prosciutto.
Danny Meyer, one of the Big Apple's best restaurateurs chose our organic La Quercia Prosciutto Green Label for his new place, Maialino (little pig) and it was written up on NY Magazine's Grub Street.
Here's a blog post by Heather Lauer who wrote the book, Bacon Unwrapped, after her visit here.
Tara Duggan of the San Francisco Chronicle, in her What's New column here found our prosciutto a 'wonderful alternative' to Italian.
In an amazing 'double,' Florence Fabricant, the doyenne of the New York Times and the New York food scene, kindly cited us again in her Food Stuffs column and said that our Prosciutto Piccante had a 'vibrant complexity.'
Prosciutto Piccante
'Assisting at a Miracle' appeared as a feature in our local Edible Communities Magazine
Wini Moranville wrote this fun article for Italian Better Homes & Garden Italian magazine.
Thanks to Fort Defiance in New York for selecting our prosciutto and to New York Magazine for mentioning it in this review.
Hugh Garvey of Bon Appetit Magazine wrote this which was the first thing to appear after we introduced our Prosciutto Green Label. He said it was 'lusciously sweet with incredible depth of flavor.'
"lusciously sweet...."
Florence Fabricant, the doyenne of the New York Times and the New York food scene, kindly cited us in her Food Stuffs column and said our Prosciutto Americano had a 'lovely balance of salty and sweet.'
David Rosengarten was an early Food Network star; wrote for Gourmet Magazine, and published a James Beard Award winning newsletter. After he chose several items for his 'Salumi Club' he provided these tasting notes.
Tasting Notes & Wine pairing
A great friend of La Quercia, Rob Borsellino wrote this for the Des Moines Register about a year and a half before he died.
An article in the New York Times about Stinky Brooklyn, a cheese shop in New York where they sell La Quercia.
In the New Yorker, Andrea K. Scott wrote about Jeffrey's Grocery in the West Village in Manahattan, where she enjoyed, among other things,delectable prosciutto from, of all places, Iowa...
An article in Culture Magazine about La Quercia
Zingerman's Guide to Bacon writes about La Quercia



LA Times: Nduja Americana, Winter Food Show
LA Times: Nduja Americana
Chicago Reader: Nduja Americana
Chicago Reader: Nduja Amer.
Smitten Kitchen
Smitten Kitchen
The Splendid Table: American Public Media, Is this prosciutto heaven? No, it's Iowa
Tasting Table 2013: Spain had better watch its back
Spain had better watch its back
Culture Mag: Winter Gift Guide Pick
Winter Gift Guide Pick
Tasting Table: Holiday Gift Guide 2013
Holiday Gift Guide 2013
Estadoa, Paladar section (Brazil) 8.16.13: Prosciutto with an Iowan Accent
Italy Magazine
Estadoa, Paladar section (Brazil) 8.16.13: Prosciutto with an Iowan Accent
Culture Magazine Bacon Bonanza, 2013
2013: Bacon Bonanza, 2012
Kansas City Star: Jan 2014<
Kansas City Star: Jan 2014
POPSUGAR, Jul '14: US State Food Souvenirs
Jul '14: US State Food Souvenirs
COOP 2012: Prosciutto Americano
COOP: Prosciutto Americano
Estadoa, Paladar section (Brazil) 8.16.13: Prosciutto with an Iowan Accent
Prosciutto with an Iowan Accent
Home & Gardens TV 2013
2013: Buy Local
City Search: Meat Masters of America 2013
2013: Meat Masters of America

Ruth Reichl-"amazing"
Bacon on Today Show blog
Tamworth Bacon hogs spotlight
Serious Eats had wonderful things to say about our bacon: 'On the palate, the flavor is first and foremost overtly porky. There's light smoke and plenty of salt, but not enough to drown out the flavor of the pig. It's got a very distinct sweetness to it, like a great prosciutto, despite the fact that the cure has absolutely no added sugar. All of the sweetness comes from the pig itself. This is bacon that'd be equally at home in an awesome BLT, a breakfast sandwich, or even raw as part of a charcuterie platter.'
Sweet Bacon!
Bacon Hall of Fame
Jane Black’s excellent piece from Tasting Table on our Tamworth Country Cured Bacon
Famed master palate Robert Parker tried some of our La Quercia Rossa when a friend brought it to a weekend party he hosted. He provided these tasting notes for La Quercia Rossa.
Tasting Notes--"Stunning stuff"
FOOBOOZ, a web magazine owned by Philadelphia Magazine, written by Jason Sheehan
Chef chatter on SOAPBOX, a web magazine by chefs, about La Quercia
Mo Frechette, the Zingerman's partner in charge of their mail order operation wrote these comments following a presentation and tasting I did about the importance of pig breed on dry cured ham quality.
Erik Desjarlais did a very kind interview with Herb that was posted on the Find.Eat.Drink newsletter with a recommendation from Iron Chef Jose Garces
Katie Cannon did this very nice photo essay for her web magazine,Heavy Table on making prosciutto at La Quercia.
Photo Essay
Michel Barsanti is the
A good post about our Speck by Chef Monica Pope on her blog monicaSPEAK
A write-up on The Cheesemonger's blog done when Herb participated in the American Cheese Society meeting in Seattle this year, primarily to be on a panel about cured meats.
Shauna Ahern and her husband Chef Dan Ahern are world famous bloggers who write, with support from the National Pork Board, Pork Knife and Spoon. They came to visit us and posted embarrassingly nice comments in their June posting  A Trip to Iowa.
An interview by Kristina Groeger in Good Food Revolution, Ontario's Good Food and Wine Website.
Wini Moranville wrote this post to the Des Moines Register's Datebook Dining page about her favorite prosciutto sandwich plus a good prosciutto and chicken recipe.
Another rave review of Brett Emerson's Contigo in San Francisco, including a comment that the organic Prosciutto Green Label there 'blew our minds.'
A nice piece on our customer, American Feast that talks about our organic Prosciutto Green Label.  
ChiChi Wang posts a comment that ours is 'the finest pancetta I've ever tasted.' See her post including recipes for Salad with Bacon & Egg and Spaghetti alla Carbonara.
Here is Michael Ruhlman's comments about Christine Muhlke's New York Times Sunday Magazine article on La Quercia.
Deborah Madison, author and organic food expert wrote this nice piecefor Culinate and had nice remarks about La Quercia.
Emma Cristensen wrote this about La Quercia on The Kitchn blog.
The BBQ Grail Blog
Visit to La Quercia



Today Show
Today Show
ABC 5 News
ABC 5 News
Travel Channel with Andrew Zimmerman: Iowa White Spread
Andrew Zimmerman
Travel Channel with Andrew Zimmerman: Iowa Recap
Travel Channel: Iowa Recap
Dan Delaney What's This Food: Pancetta, La Quercia
Dan Delaney What's This Food: Prosciutto, La Quercia
Dan Delaney What's This Food: Speck, La Quercia
Dan Delaney What's This Food: Guanciale, La Quercia



The Splendid Table: American Public Media, Is this prosciutto heaven? No, it's Iowa
Edible Stories Blog: Edible Radio Blue Plate Special with Herb Eckhouse of La Quercia
An audio file of an interview that ran on WNYC, the public radio station in New York City about La Quercia. Also available as a podcast on iTunes.
Sherry Borzo of blogtalkradio did this interview with Herb in June, 2008
The Restaurant Guys in New Jersey did this radio interview with Herb after we won theBon Appetit Food Artisans of the Year Award in November, 2007.

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