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We believe the food we eat can delight us each day. We strive to offer a memorable eating experience - one that causes you to stop and savor the moment.


Great food is more than great taste. It is healthful, nutritious, and pleasurable. Great food satisfies the senses and the body, the emotions and the mind. It is part of a responsible food system that sustains you, the producers, and the craftspeople, restaurants, and stores who support their communities and respect the environment.



La Quercia: About Our Company La Quercia Artisan Cured Meats

Great food is made with the highest quality materials,
careful adherence to the best of tradition, and the judicious use of modern tools

We started La Quercia to create premium quality American prosciutto, then applied what we learned to other cuts of pork. Our appreciation for cured meats grew out of the three and a half years we lived in Parma, Italy, prosciutto's area of origin, where we saw how the careful treatment of fine materials resulted in an accessible, sublime and entirely regional cuisine. Our ambition to create our own prosciutto came from our desire to take the bounty that surrounds us in Iowa to its highest expression. We seek to contribute to the growth of premium artisan-made American foods by offering unique dry cured meats of the finest quality.



Our Name


La Quercia (pronounced La Kwair-cha ) means the Oak in Italian.



La Quercia -the Oak- Artisan Cured Meats



The Oak is a traditional symbol of the province of Parma, our home for three and a half years, and, through its acorns, has been associated with the production of premium dry cured ham for millennia. It is also the state tree of Iowa.

The name unites Iowa, Parma, and prosciutto, and is a symbol of patience, persistence, integrity, and beauty — values which guide us


Prioritizing Sustainability


We are always working to make our operations and activities more sustainable and decrease our carbon footprint.







La Quercia: About Our CompanyLa Quercia: About Our Company



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The People



Sustainability is also about the people--this is one of the themes that Kathy has been very strong on, and we were pleased to see that it was highlighted at Slow Food Nation in 2009.




La Quercia: About Our CompanyLa Quercia: About Our Company


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