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The most flavorful pork comes from pigs that have had a rich and varied diet—especially when it includes an estimated 60% acorns and wild forage! Acorns have been associated with superior dry cured meat for centuries, and we are proud to be the first to bring this tradition to the United States. We offer two varietals of acorn-fed pork: 


The Berkshire breed is known for its black hair, dark red meat, and deep savory flavor. The muscle fibers are shorter than in most breeds, making Berkshire pork incredibly rich and silky once cured.  

Husband and wife team, Suzanne Castello and Barney Bahrenfusen, pasture raise purebred Berkshire hogs on their small family farm in idyllic Grinnell, IA. B&B Farm is a great place to be a pig and the Acorn Edition hogs get special treatment! For the last three months of their lives, the fortunate Acorn Berkshire pigs eat a diet of 60% acorns, supplemented by wild forage and high quality grains. The prosciutto made from this meat is deep red with a wonderfully nutty fragrance and a sweet buttery finish. 


Tamworth pigs are known for their succulent belly meat and sweet nutty flavor--the forest foraging diet adds a spectacular richness and a creamy texture that will knock your socks off!  These heritage breed Tamworth hogs are pasture raised in Missouri at the family farm of Russ Kremer and spend their last three months foraging an Ozark Mountain hillside covered with oak and hickory trees. It is the ideal environement for raising happy, healthy, delicious hogs. When cured, the dark coral meat is nutty and sweet, with an unexpected depth and meltingly tender texture. 

In 2012, our pilot year, we made Tamworth Acorn Guanciale, Coppa, Lonza, Lardo, Spallacia, and Prosciutto. We are aging the prosciutto for at least two years, so the first batch will be released in December 2013. The Acorn Tamworth Spallacia will be available after a minimum of 15 months-- March 2013. The first batches of Guanciale, Coppa, Lonza, Pancetta, and Lardo were released in Spring 2012. 

Ask your local retailer or distributor about availability of these limited edition meats, and watch our Facebook feed for new releases! 



Cuts: Acorn Edition Varietal