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Tamworths are historically known as ‘the bacon pig’ for their thick, meaty bellies, excellent flavor, and golden fat.  This meat comes from Russ Kremer’s Ozark Mountain Farm and 3 others in Osage County, Missouri. His family has been selecting red-haired Tamworth pigs—a threatened breed—for generations for their good temperament and hardiness outdoors.  We launched our Tamworth line in 2011 with Tamworth Smoked Pancetta; it has a perfect balance of meat and succulent fat, with a sweet, nutty flavor complimented by real apple wood smokiness.  Its natural sweetness will leave you amazed that we don’t add any molasses, honey, sugar or dextrose—it’s the meat!


Our Tamworth Prosciutto is now available and exhibits the sweet, nutty flavor characteristic of this breed when the meat is cured. 


All of the farms supplying our Tamworth pork are certifed as Step 3 (Pasture Assisted Production) status under the Global Animal Partnership's 5 Step Animal Welfare Rating Standards for Pigs.



Cuts: Tamworth Varietal